If they did it, you can do it too!

I was a chubby child, my family did not have much money. We ate beans, rice and potatoes, because that type of food yields more. I’m sure we had vegetables, but I did not eat them! My mother tried to convince me to go outside to play, but I wanted to stay at home reading. The children made fun of me. The worst was when my mother took me to buy clothes and I had to buy bigger size jeans.

I will never forget the moment I spent in my senior year of high school. I had a photo taken in the fall, and when the yearbook came out in the spring someone showed me a photo of the group and said, “There you are, Curtis.” I thought: “That’s me !?” I saw a huge person. Then I realized that I had to do something. I tried to go to the gym, but I did not go regularly. It was too exhausting.

At 20, I started a new job where they had a “challenge to be in shape” program for employees. I won because I lost the most weight: 37 pounds! So I started my physical conditioning activities. What really made me lose weight was walking. But my coworkers and I went out to lunch very often, and I was taught to “not leave food on the plate”. When I started to gain weight, I started taking my lunch to work.

When I went to my 20th a high school reunion, everyone had aged a lot. I had been the big, fat boy in high school, but there I was, the best-looking person in the whole classroom!

As I did

I really had to change the way I ate. I used to eat for the taste of food, instead of stopping when it was full and I felt satisfied. And I started exercising several times a week. Now, I can control how much I eat and try to eat small portions. Like a lot of vegetables, tuna, chicken and fish.

The biggest challenge

Do not abandon the exercise. I have to exercise three or four times a week. Without excuses! It’s the only way I can control my weight. And also the cookies filled with vanilla cream, are my weakness. When I go to the store, I must avoid the aisle where the cookies are!

How do I avoid increasing the weight again?

It has to do with food, drinking water and trying to do the right thing. If I stop exercising for 3 days I begin not to want to go to the gym. It is best to continue with the routine of exercising three to four times a week.

The most exciting

I could put on a pair of jeans that I could not even button, and see that they fit. And I’m loose!

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