Small recap: In the shape of the bras we find triangles

The underwear is the first thing a woman puts on. It is also she who can draw the body, enhance it or otherwise serve it. To have a morphology lingerie in A means that you have more hips than chest with a gap of at least 10cm. Basically, you have the same morphology as Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez … We saw worse! This is the most common type of silhouette in women. And yes ladies, stop torturing you, we’re like that: having hips, it’s feminine! The ready-to-wear measurement charts are also made on this basis.

Our tips for finding your lingerie morphology in A

That being said, Triton 3 Bra current aestheticism would tend more toward an hourglass-shaped body or X. That is, a chest as wide as the hips with a well-marked waist. So you have to balance the silhouette. For this, it will be necessary to accentuate the top of the bust thanks to your lingerie morphology in A. So bet on the  push-up bras and other padded bras! Do not hesitate to wear pieces provided lace and frilly with straps wide enough to dress the upper body. The shape that will suit you best will be the mini-bustier that creates a straight line under the chest and emphasizes the breasts. For the bottom, prefer well-cut panties to bring out your feminine curves or strings. If you are taller than 40, you can afford shorts as long as the notch does not fully cover the buttock and is high-waisted to lengthen the figure.

Your key word in lingerie: comfort! You are not of an exuberant nature. For you simplicity in lingerie is essential. Your dressing room is filled with timeless basics and who could hold you rigor? From one year to another, you stay trendy! Franfruches point but sobriety that perfectly reflects your personality: soft and feet on the ground.

You are a “fashion pop”

For you, lingerie as ready-to-wear is a game! You like mixing materials, colors, styles … Nothing is too crazy for you. Real hitch to the latest trends, you do not hesitate to innovate. Your embodied joy of life, is felt on your underwear and we see a plethora of frills of all kinds. Your lingerie sometimes soft colors, sometimes acidic makes you a candy to eat!

Conceal Lemon Curve: You are a pro trends in lingerie , but be careful not to buy that by crush! Choose first and foremost a lingerie that suits your body type.

You are hot hot  hot

Ultra feminine and glamorous, you like to be sexy 24th / 24th. Lace and suspenders are your best allies. You like to be sensual and put your shapes in value. It’s not your man who will hold you to it! Torrid and entrepreneur, your closet looks like the ones at the Limousin Rouge. You munch life and lingerie, because yes, you’re hooked!

Small recap: In the shape of the bras we find triangles , interlocking, headbands, balconies and baskets. Added to that are the references amplifier, push up , padded, push-up, with or without armature, all can accumulate on the same piece of lingerie. In short, a real puzzle! As for triangular shapes and headbands, super fashionable at the moment, easy to spot them. But it is not the same for the other 3. We often tend to confuse these 3 forms of bras and for good reason, they are alike! But beware, they are not necessarily dedicated to the same kind of breasts, hence the importance of knowing how to differentiate!

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