Why should I practice physical activity?

Playing sports has multiple health benefits. Discover how to do it in the most beneficial way for your body.


Our health is not complete if we do not perform physical activity on a regular basis. Physical exercise prevents us from being addicted to comfort. It is never too late to start practicing a physical activity , but it is important to start as soon as possible.

  1. Physical benefits of doing sports
  2. Goodbye to stress with physical activity

At age 20, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and bone mass are at their maximum capacity, but it has been shown that after the age of 25, sedentary people lose approximately 10% of their aerobic capacity and muscle strength in each decade pass. In the same way, with age the metabolic capacity is also reduced (form and speed in which calories are burned), so if we do not want to substitute muscles for fat it will be important to start moving.

Physical benefits of doing sports

Exercise helps prevent cardiovascular diseases , which include cardiac pathologies, cerebrovascular diseases and hypertension, the main causes of mortality worldwide. The union of regular physical activity and a balanced and healthy diet is an effective way to prevent these diseases and others such as obesity, diabetes, different types of cancer and osteoporosis.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercising, sports practice has very positive effects at the brain level . And is that with the exercise releases a series of substances, neurotransmitters, whose function is to convey information properly. It has been proven that exercise helps improve memory and other neurological abilities such as learning.

Goodbye to stress with physical activity

On the other hand, going for a run, pedaling on the bike or doing some laps in the pool releases tension, reduces the level of stress and improves our ability to concentrate. When we exercise we secrete endorphins. Endorphins are molecules that act as neurotransmitters. Playing sports releases these endorphins in the body, which is why we feel so good when we finish training.

Performing physical exercise has multiple benefits for the person who does it. The amount of physical activity that can be done as well as its intensity will depend on the circumstances of each person. It is recommended that if you are not used to doing a smooth physical exercise and increase in intensity to achieve a greater benefit without putting your health at risk. Practicing sports is good, but you have to know how to modulate it so that the person gets all the benefits of physical activity for their health in the short, medium and long term.

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